Marriage Takeover

Marriage Takeover is a vibrant, no-filtered, raw and uncut, marriage ministry getting a lot of traction due to their practical and real-life situations to marriage with biblical principles. This isn’t your average church show, they talk about sex, porn, communication, finances, children, arguments and the like; all the things the bible talks about, but the church NEVER mentions. You aren’t the only couple arguing in the church, you aren’t the only couple in the church that goes through the motions, let’s talk about it, learn from it and save marriages.

Eric and Temeka have been married for 21+ years offering tools, resources and information they wished others would’ve shared. Since they’ve overcome the toughest battles, they now have a passion to serve other marriages, giving them hope that they aren’t the only couple going through and to most importantly give them hope to survive.

Live and on-air every 3rd Sunday of the month via YouTube

Also available on 9 different podcast platforms: Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Breaker, Castbox, Pocket Casts, Radio Public, and Stitcher.